🌈 Dare to color

Decorating your home is increasingly simple and accessible to everyone. No more fear of being wrong, give way to the freedom to make your interior an extension of yourself. To find the decor that suits us, there's nothing better than testing, comparing and coloring freely, trusting your tastes and listening to your needs.

Who are we ?

Ayo Moda Casa likes to mix fabrics and craftsmanship, telling stories about a mixed Brazil that has the diversity of the African continent in its identity.

The Franco-Brazilian brand, based in Marseille, invites you to travel in this Brazil full of colors, joy, music and textures while meeting the expectations of comfort and elegance of a French way of life.

Ayo means "joy"

AYO is a brand of handcrafted decorative objects, ethical and responsible, which values ​​the history and ancestral knowledge of craftsmen between Brazil and the African continent. Our parts are manufactured in Marseille in a short and responsible circuit. We work with wax print fabric, but also traditional fabrics, in particular Bogolan and Faso Dan Fani, entirely handcrafted and hand-painted with vegetable dyes.

AYO means “joy” in Yoruba , one of the languages ​​spoken in Nigeria. Yoruba arrived in Brazil with the peoples of West Africa at the time of slavery and the language is still present in certain Afro-Brazilian religious rites such as Umbanda or Candomblé.


"My son gave me the courage to undertake"

Monique Dos Santos is Brazilian, born in Rio de Janeiro. Graduated in visual arts from the State University of Rio de Janeiro and a Master's degree in furniture design from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED Rio).

Mother of Noah, Monique drew from motherhood the strength to undertake. Daring has always been a question of survival to overcome the barriers erected by a Brazilian society.

In August 2017, Monique got married and used wax, a famous African fabric, for decoration. She then thinks about creating her own business and looks at hundreds of references during her short nights of a mother with a newborn.

His first piece is a curtain for the house, it clicks! In two months, she participates in her first event and sells all the stock. She quickly outsourced sewing to independent seamstresses but continued to make wooden lamps and lampshades in her workshop on the roof of her house.

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