Our engagements

In Mali

Our bogolan fabrics are made by the craftsmen of the N'domo centre, a Malian social enterprise whose missions are the preservation of a thousand-year-old craftsmanship and the professional integration of young people in difficulty;

In Burkina Faso

Our Faso Dan Fani fabrics are made by a women's association linked to the Mon Faso Dan Fani company, which promotes and maintains the know-how of the production of this fabric.

100% natural fabric

Our bogolans are made from locally produced cotton and dyed with 100% vegetable dyes made from leaves (green), charcoal (black), clay (brown), flowers (especially indigo for blue) and bark (red).

PEFC certified wood

The brand works with two Brazilian wood species that are part of the brand's DNA, Tauari and Maracatiara. Concerned about sourcing locally to shorten transport circuits and greenhouse gas emissions, the brand also uses French oak, from reforestation .

The PEFC label certifies that the companies that have grown, harvested, transported and marketed this wood have implemented sustainable forest management practices and applied the PEFC traceability rules.

Recycled packaging

AYO MODA CASA packs your products in recycled cardboard or paper packaging, without the use of plastics. The reinforced adhesive tapes used to close the cartons are also made of kraft paper.

Made in Marseilles

Our wooden lampshades and lamps are handcrafted in our Marseille workshop and our textile products are made in Marseille by collaborating seamstresses with their own workshop.

Made in Segou

Bogolan is a 100% artisanal fabric made in the city of Ségou, the cradle of the Bambara empire and the manufacture of bogolan. All the manufacturing stages of our fabrics are carried out entirely by hand: spinning the cotton, weaving, dyeing the fabric with vegetable dyes then painting the patterns by hand by the craftsmen of the N'domo centre;

100% customizable lamps :

The artisanal method of manufacture makes it possible to offer complete personalization of the lamps. On the site, the customer will be able to select, in addition to the pattern of the lampshade , the wood species , the color of the fabric electric cable and the interior of the lampshade (white for greater brightness, transparent for a homogeneous light and a cozy effect, or golden for a sophisticated effect and a warm light).